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The Seal-Woman Act1.jpg

The Seal-Woman

A Celtic Folk Opera in two acts 

By Marjory Kennedy-Fraser & Granville Bantock




On an uninhabited islet in the Western Isles of the Scottish Hebrides, an old crone or 'Cailleach' sings of local legends of seals that turn into mortal women. The voices of a Seal-Woman and her Seal-Sister are heard. Fishermen approach the island. The Isleman recalls a Seal-Woman he has seen before, and when she and her sister appear he keeps hold of their sea-robes, without which they cannot reassume their marine form and will only return those of the sister. He declares his love for the Seal-Woman, and she agrees to go with him. Seven years later, the Seal-Woman has borne his child, Morag. The Cailleach visits them, and while she sleeps three prophetic swans arrive and predict that the Seal-Woman will be free only when she finds the sea-robe hidden in a peat stack. The Seal-Woman finds her sea robe and is instantly drawn back to the sea. As the Isleman returns he watches as his wife flings herself from the cliff into the sea.



































The Cailleach - Ulrike Wutscher

The Seal-Woman - Sioned Gwen Davies

The Seal-Sister - Colleen Nicoll

The Islesman/Director - David Douglas


Fisherman/Water-Kelpie - Michael Longden


Pianist/Musical Director - Hebba Benyaghla

Gaelic Coach - Joy Dunlop

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